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Divorce Monday strikes in post-Christmas comedown

An expert in Family law has reported an increase in enquiries from people looking to start divorce proceedings in the New Year.

The news comes as many people returned to work after the Christmas break on what has become known as Divorce Monday, due to a surge in the number of people signalling the break-down of their marriages.

Helen Lucking, Family partner at Lancashire based Napthens solicitors, said it has become routine for couples to find themselves in this position after a stressful Christmas break.

She said: “It is no coincidence that many couples end up opting to divorce following the festive period. A month of pressure and expectation can often lead to increased strain on relationships, following which many people find themselves in a period of reflection.

“It’s also the case that lots of couples are perhaps ready to separate before Christmas, but wait until the New Year so as not to spoil things for the family during the holiday.

“We advise that people seek legal advice, as there are several alternatives to court that we recommend be considered which can make the process easier, such as mediation or collaborative law.”

Extended time spent together during Christmas coupled with financial strains is also blamed for the increase, as well as the start of a new year, a time when people are considering making significant changes and improvements to their lives.