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Date approaching for minimum alcohol price

From the end of this month, alcohol must no longer be sold at less than cost price.
From May 28 it will become a mandatory condition of all premises licenses that alcohol cannot be sold for less than cost price – i.e. a price that is less than cost of alcohol duty plus VAT.

In effect, this means that a 440ml can of 4 per cent ABV beer would cost a minimum of 40p; a 750ml bottle of 12.5 per cent wine £2.46 and a 70cl bottle of 37.5 per cent vodka £8.89.

The policy has been introduced by the Government to cut down on what some have called irresponsible retailing, selling alcohol cheaply.

Malcolm Ireland, head of Leisure & Licensing at Napthens solicitors, said: “Those involved in the sale of alcohol will be breaking the law unless they are retailing at the proper price.

“The necessary changes must be made well in advance of the May 28 date so retailers are ready for the deadline.