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Adam McCabe – November

Now the UK season is over I have already started my winter work, with the aim of being ready and raring to go for an even better and more successful 2017 season.

I will be making some simple tweaks to my technique over the winter in order to promote more consistency in the long term, but the predominant work will be physical work in the gym, ensuring I am in the best physical shape I can be starting the season. This includes flexibility, strength, cardio work and range of movement…it is true that golfers truly have to be good athletes in order to compete in the modern game!

Overall I would say I am satisfied with my 2016 season results. I played a huge amount of tournament golf, which was fantastic experience for me, and managed to put in some solid performances and produced some really good results.

I made some changes to my game this year which I knew needed to be made long term, and whilst it took a little while for the changes to feel comfortable and natural, I felt things really started to click mid-season and I played solid and consistent golf during the second half of the year. Overall I achieved six top 10 finishes in 2016, including four top 5 finishes and the icing on the cake; a one shot victory in The Players Tour at Werneth Golf Club in Oldham in late September, where I shot 64 to win my first tournament of the year.

My goal now is to continue to work on similar small technical improvements, which have clearly worked very well for me over the last few months, and to carry this form through into next year.

The support and relationship I have had with Napthens this year has been amazing and has enabled me to seek out the best coaching and advice possible in order to improve. Their help has enabled me to play the amount of tournament golf I have in 2016 and in turn has led to me becoming a much more consistent golfer. I am very thankful to Napthens for their sponsorship and overall input this season.