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Adam McCabe – March

It is fair to say that the weather and course conditions in the early part of the year haven’t been ideal, with strong winds and huge amounts of rain creating waterlogged courses, poor green surfaces and making scoring extremely difficult.

However, in spite of these conditions, I have been able to play more competitive golf than ever through the early months of this year, helping me to really identify and work on some key aspects of my game in preparation for the summer months and big competitions I will be entering this year.

After several discussions with my coaches, I decided to make some changes to my technique through the early part of the year, in order to build a golf swing that performs more consistently and is more reliable in pressurised tournament conditions.

Whilst it has been a relatively slow process, I am starting to see some extremely promising results in my long game. I am hitting more fairways and more greens in regulation on a consistent basis, which is proof that the changes I have made were indeed worth the effort.

I entered Europro Tour qualifying in late March, with the hope of gaining a strong category for the season ahead; enabling me to play in any Europro tournament I wished to enter. In cold and wet conditions, I felt I played a lot better than my scores suggested, but ultimately didn’t get through to the final stage of qualification. Whilst it was a disappointing outcome there were many positives to draw upon and take forward. I am still eligible to enter Europro Tour events throughout the year, which I will be doing, with the only difference being that I won’t get first refusal on events that I may have got with a stronger category.

Since then I have played several 1836 Tour and PGA regional tournaments and my game is improving and sharpening all the time building into the summer. The changes I have made to my game over the winter are starting to feel much more comfortable and I am excited about the direction my golf is heading in and hopeful for some strong results in the upcoming months.