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Adam McCabe – January

In January I travelled to Marbella, Spain, for three weeks of warm weather training and competitive practice. Having made some technical changes with my coaches during the latter part of 2015, the trip gave me a great chance to bed in these changes as well as to work off the inevitable rust caused by the long winter in the UK.

With the weather providing perfect golfing conditions coupled with difficult golf courses presented in immaculate condition, I was able to work hard on all aspects of my game, especially the short game and putting departments, which are notoriously difficult to improve through the winter in the UK due to weather and course conditions.

By the end of the trip, I began to feel extremely comfortable with my golf swing, short game and putting and began to feel that my rhythm and timing were back to where they were mid-season in 2015. In comparison to battling all of the different storms hitting the UK throughout January, I feel like this warm weather trip has given me a head start before the start of the UK golf season in late March/early April as well as build a solid technical foundation moving forwards.

My primary goals now are to maintain the good early work I was able to do in Spain and build into the competitive UK season with as much competitive winter golf as possible, so that I am sharp and ready to go come the first event of the year, hopefully giving me a head start on my competition.