Wills and Probate - head of wills and Probate - Kathryn Harwood

Businesses warned to consider a ‘company Will’

Napthens - June 27th 2018
Entrepreneurs are being warned to consider preparing a company Will in order to safeguard the future of their business.
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Nicole Chrisham - solicitor - Residential Property

Property searches – the next steps

Napthens - June 25th 2018
An expert in property law has revealed why the searches carried out while a property is being purchased are so important.
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New Blackpool coffee shop brings investment and jobs

Napthens - June 20th 2018
A couple from London have set their sights on helping the regeneration of Blackpool by opening a new high-end coffee shop and bake-house called HIVE in the seaside resort.
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Real Estate - head of Real Estate - James Allison

£160m property deal total for Napthens

Napthens - June 11th 2018
Property experts from regional law firm Napthens advised on deals worth more than £160m in the last 12 months.
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Mental health ‘should be a priority in the workplace’

Napthens - June 11th 2018
Employers should ensure all managers are given training in relation to mental health, an employment and HR law expert has advised.
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Personal Injury - partner - Terry Griffin

Warning to ‘check for Tree Preservation Order’ before landscaping

Napthens - June 5th 2018
A solicitor is warning landowners to thoroughly check for tree preservation orders (TPO) before carrying out landscaping work, or face large fines.
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