Helen Lucking Head of Family and Divorce at Napthens Solicitors

No fault divorce is coming…

Helen Lucking - June 18th 2019
There are changes afoot in divorce law. Following the case of Owens in July last year, the government has vowed to introduce new legislation for a no-fault divorce as soon as Parliamentary time becomes available.
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David Hardman, Napothens Wealth Management

Smart plans: Living a less complicated life!

David Hardman - April 23rd 2019
For anyone enjoying their retirement years and living a less complicated life, it can be easy to assume that you no longer require professional financial advice. Some people may believe that since they have reached their 60s and ‘retired’, the hard work is over.
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Stephanie Kerr, Disputes & Litigation Solicitor

What are the reasons for contesting a will?

Stephanie Kerr - April 17th 2019
There are many reasons why a will that may have been perfectly reasonable at the time it was written, might not include beneficiaries who might have expected to be included. Associate solicitor Steph Kerr looks at the reasons why the court might look at providing for additional beneficiaries after someone dies.
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First-time buyers – the options

Sarah Barnes - March 28th 2019
There are plenty of incentives currently in place for first time buyers hoping to take their first step on to the property ladder.
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Georgina Smith, Wills & Estate Planning Solicitor

Regular and careful planning are essential for your farm’s future

Georgina Smith - February 25th 2019
While it’s true that the majority of our clients are aware of the availability of Agricultural Property Relief (APR) and Business Property Relief( BPR) to reduce the chargeable estate for Inheritance Tax purposes (IHT) – the question is how regularly do you review and consider IHT as part of your business plan?  The availability of APR and BPR should not be assumed and needs to be reviewed regularly.
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Family and Divorce - Partner - Helen Lucking

Is an online divorce a quick solution?

Helen Lucking - January 17th 2019
In the period after Christmas there is a traditional spike in applications for divorce. Many people know that their marriage has broken down in the run up to Christmas but decide that they will not upset the children, nor the usual Christmas family arrangements and therefore do not proceed with a divorce until the New Year.
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