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Performance Management Project

Tapeswitch Ltd, a leading manufacturing business based in the North West, has a reputation of setting the standards for reliability and performance in sensing, switching, control and safety technologies. Following the appointment of a new Managing Director it was recognised that the workforce within the business needed support to align their individual performance to the organisational goals along with promote a culture of growth, continuous improvement and innovation. This was particularly important due to the nature of the industry Tapeswitch operates in which relies on meeting customer expectations on quality.

Having previously conducted some informal annual reviews with the workforce on an inconsistent basis and not really achieving the results they were looking to. Tapeswitch recognised the need to do this regularly and under a formal process but wanted to ensure a balance was struck between an effective, inclusive process driven by upskilled managers and a ‘tick box’ exercise which would become easily forgotten shortly after implementation.

What we did

As part of the fact find stage of the Performance Management project, The People Projects team established that the company had not developed values and behaviours for their team to work to, which had led to an inconsistent approach from employees and managers lacking clarity around the behaviours and values which should be driven in the business. Based on the information gathered, a People Consultant developed a Performance Management and Appraisal process system which incorporated key competencies to measure performance effectively.

Bespoke template documents were produced to enable managers to easily assess an employee’s competency level and performance in their role. Additional documents were developed to compliment the formal performance appraisal through one to one discussions, along with guidance documents to support a fair and consistent approach.

Following this, the People Consultant developed and delivered a training programme to support the implementation of the process. During a half day, interactive workshop the managers were upskilled to support ‘coaching conversations’ with their team members and become familiar and confident with the new performance management process and policy.

Key Benefits

It was found that by giving the organisation, and ultimately the management team, the tools and learning to effectively manage their workforce has not only improved performance across the business but has supported talent identification and management along with succession planning. The management team have a renewed confidence in the achievement of business goals though their people. The employees now have a greatest sense of belonging and direction in the business which has seen a positive improvement to engagement and productivity across all departments.