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Training & mentoring iconWhy do businesses continue to promote and recruit individuals into management roles when they have little or no experience in people management and implementing the core HR principles?

Often the thought process is that as a newly appointed manager is a technical specialist in their field of expertise they are likely to be a competent , confident people manager.

Whilst this can be the case, all too often we expect too much and are not offering the right support and training to our management teams, preventing them from effectively delivering results and driving the team and function they are ultimately responsible for.

Our People Consultants can support your management team and workforce by offering a wide variety of on-site training options to suit your business needs.

Services include:


We have put together a collection of 4 carefully selected modules that we know will add value to your business and give managers and HR teams alike the tools to support in the achievement of your business objectives. These courses are provided as a Zoom meeting so can be attended remotely from wherever your employees are working.

  • Managing attendance
  • Managing conduct
  • Managing grievances
  • Managing performance

All workshops aim to last an hour, and are developed and delivered in a way to ensure that the delegates can get the maximum out of the sessions. We host the session online for as many of your employees as you wish to attend.

All the above sessions are charged at £300+vat.

'Ready to Learn' - Ready-made Training

We have put together a collection of 8 carefully selected modules that we know  will add value to your business and give managers and HR teams alike the tools to help drive employee performance, which will in turn support in the achievement of your business objectives.

  • Disciplinary & Grievance
  • Developing a HR Strategy
  • Social Media in the Workplace
  • Effective Team Management
  • Recruitment
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Attendance
  • Performance Management

All workshops aim to last between 2 ½ and 3 hours, and are developed and delivered in a way to ensure that the delegates can get the maximum out of the sessions. We can host the session at one of our 6 offices across the North West or visit you at your place of work.

We recommend, to ensure that all delegates can put their learning into practice in a workshop environment, no more than 20 delegates attend 1 of our training sessions.

'Tailor-made'- Bespoke Training

Should you prefer a  bespoke  session our People Consultants are experienced in developing and delivering a training workshop on a topic of your choice to suit your need, whatever that may be.

This may be a session aimed at managers, supervisors or HR professionals. It could be that you are implementing a new procedure in your business, such as a new absence management system or a new appraisal system which you would like to train your managers on. Our People Consultants would also be able to support you with more generic topics such as soft skills training, engaging your team and recognising the difference between a boss and a leader.

If you feel your team would benefit from a tailored training option, we can work with you to understand your  needs and the desired outcome for the delegates and organisation.

We are happy to discuss your requirements in more detail to help you decide which would best suit your business.

The tailor-made option would typically include:

  • Feedback gathering from the delegates and senior management to ensure that we meet your brief and support your wider business goals.
  • Drafting the training content and materials to include client specific information and policies and procedures if appropriate, along with activities and exercises which will support the learning process.
  • An experienced and competent People Consultant delivering the training session.
  • Follow-up exercise to assess the success of the session and provide further support to embed the learning.
HR Mentoring Support

Are you a standalone HR professional in your business? Are you a manager or a senior leader who is responsible for HR?

We provide support to individuals that need a more hands-on approach in their business. Guiding and supporting individuals in their daily responsibilities our People Consultants provide expert and specialist HR advice to develop an individuals skill set and confidence in dealing with HR related situations. Enabling them to act more proactively and commercially in the achievement of the overall business goals.

Our People Consultants can visit you at your place of work as frequently as you require to facilitate an effective mentoring relationship, allotting an appropriate amount of time, flexible to your development needs and priorities.

Employee Handbook Briefing

Employment Law is constantly evolving and  as such so should you’re the working practices, policies and procedures in your business. These are commonly documented in a Company Handbook or Employee Handbook.

Our HR3 service will provide a full contract and handbook review and update as part of their offering, but what happens when it is time to roll out any changes to the wider workforce and how do you go about educating the managers who are going to implement these policies and procedures?

Our team can provide comprehensive training on all the revisions and additions you may have in your handbook to ensure that these can be effectively enforced by your management team as a tool to align the workforce, ensuring a fair and consistent approach in application, which will reduce the risk to the business and drive the performance of the workforce.

Our People Consultants can also communication any changes to the wider workforce via and on-site briefing and follow-up Q&A drop-in session for line managers and/or employees regarding your Employee Handbook, to ensure individuals are clear about any changes and understand what they are required to adhere to, reducing any confusion on their part which may lead to unrest or poor working relations.

Since signing up for the People Projects service from Napthens, the whole experience has been great. Working closely with our named consultant we have initiated a number of projects which I am confident will help our business support and develop our people, and ultimately drive the profitability of the business. Andy & Matt, Regal