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Onsite HR Support

On-site HR support iconDealing with internal employee relations issues can be complex, time consuming and stressful for managers. Our People Consultants can take the pressure off you and conduct these matters on your behalf, acting as decision maker, where appropriate, during a disciplinary, capability, redundancy or grievance meeting.

This is a particularly useful service if your business has exhausted all options internally and an independent and impartial person is required to ensure a fair process is followed or if the management or HR team are implicated at the outset or during.

Our professionally accredited People Consultants act as an independent HR expert who will give objective and balanced views on best practice in running this internal process and ensuring that where applicable the ACAS Code of Practice/best practice is adhered to; as well as offering guidance on commercially motivated outcomes as appropriate and the HR elements of your business, as applicable.

Should you wish to retain decision making capability our People Consultants can provide on-site procedural support and advice to the Chair of an internal hearing or consultation meeting.  They can provide on-site coaching and mentoring prior to the meeting and may also act as note-taker if required.

Jenny tailored her approach to our 'People Review' to ensure all key stakeholders were involved and made sure everyone was at ease with the process. The review findings provided invaluable insight. She put our current HR challenges in to context and highlighted areas needing development. They also took in to account our future growth plans and pointing out that our current HR challenges risk being magnified if left unaddressed. Ross Boulton, CFO, Lucion