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Equality & Diversity

To assist your business in tackling equality and diversity, the People Project’s Team a new bespoke training package to ensure your staff understand the importance of equality in the workplace and to support you in creating an inclusive environment for all members of staff.

A professionally accredited People Consultant will conduct a health check on your business to understand the current HR practices in regard to equality and diversity. This health check will involve a People Consultant surveying the staff members, as well as carrying out a risk assessment on the business.

From these exercises,  the People Consultant will then draft and provide you with a personalised written report which will include recommendations and priorities based on their findings. This detailed report will enable the People Consultant to produce a tailored training session, which will focus on and address the risks and priorities highlighted within the findings report.

There are two different types of training available to business; one which is tailored towards managers, and the other which is suitable for all staff members.

In addition, the People Projects team are also offering follow up training to assist you in continuing to promote equality and diversity in the workplace, refresh employees and to help maintain an inclusive culture. The training will be delivered via e-learning or by way of a webinar with a follow up questionnaire. The additional training will be a helpful refresher and annual check in for staff, which will continue to enhance awareness and to highlight any areas you need to address further.

This training will also be suitable to provide to new starters, to ensure you are empathising the importance of equality in the workplace, expressing what is expected of employees and promoting an inclusive culture.

To find out more about how we can help you and for a tailored quote, please make an enquiry below.

Jenny tailored her approach to our 'People Review' to ensure all key stakeholders were involved and made sure everyone was at ease with the process. The review findings provided invaluable insight. She put our current HR challenges in to context and highlighted areas needing development. They also took in to account our future growth plans and pointing out that our current HR challenges risk being magnified if left unaddressed. Ross Boulton, CFO, Lucion
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