Gambling is a very complex area of law, so it is easy to fall foul of the multitude of regulations.  The Gambling Act 2005 is the primary piece of legislation governing gaming and betting and that sets out various elements to obtaining a licence before being able to trade.  Failure to adhere to the process can result in a warning; an amendment, suspension or revocation of the licence; or, a financial penalty. In order for some licenced premises to operate, an operating licence, a premises licence and personal licence(s) must all first be obtained through processes involving both the Gambling Commission and the relevant local authority.

The Operating Licence is issued by the Gambling Commission and will detail what type of gambling activity can be carried on at the premises.  The application process is detailed and the Gambling Commission will often require comprehensive supporting evidence.

The premises licence is issued by the local authority and is ordinarily applied for after the submission of an operating licence application.

Personal licences may also be required by the Gambling Commission, either for management (PML) or functional (PFL) purposes.

The process as a whole is complex and extensive, but our experienced experts make the application process as easy as possible by dealing with every aspect of the application.