Napthens HomeSafe:  Home worker management system

The duty to protect the health, safety and welfare of our employees applies to those employees who work at home and those who work remotely in other settings.

The Health and Safety Executive expect us to consider:

  • How we keep in touch with these workers
  • The work they are able to carry out
  • An assessment of the work to ensure it can be done safely
  • Putting in place necessary control measures to reduce risk

We must be prepared to manage the risks associated with extended periods of home working, including the use of display screen equipment and the potential mental health impacts of remote, isolated working.

It’s never been more important to engage with, and maintain an oversight, of our most critical asset – our people.

Napthens HomeSafe is a home working management system designed with the health and safety of your employees in mind.

Whether responding to a crisis such as coronavirus or planning for day to day home working, our digital management system will help you organise your teams, allowing you to quickly generate risk assessments, checklists, and plans for home working.

Our HomeSafe package includes the resources you need to ensure your staff stay safe – and compliant – when working from home and includes specific support and advice on COVID-19.

With prices starting from £12 per user, Napthens HomeSafe includes:

  • Video training – home work station set-up
  • Risk assessment – display screen equipment at home
  • Asset register
  • Employee health status – enables employees to report current health
  • Management reports
  • Management access to HR documents
  • Company news channel – keep in contact with your teams
  • Assign tasks and documents to remote workers
  • H&S helpline
  • HR helpline
  • Updates and news on COVID-19