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Health and Safety Training Courses

If you’re looking for health and safety training for your business, Napthens Health and Safety offers a range of courses and workshops across a variety of industry sectors.

These include:

Health and safety responsibilities for senior leaders

This course is designed to enable delegates to identify their corporate legal health and safety responsibilities as well as explore the importance of effective safety leadership. The course focuses on key health and safety legislation including the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 which provides for a new offence of corporate manslaughter.

The course is specifically created with senior management and executive level leaders in mind.

Emergency First Aid at Work

A comprehensive one day course for someone wishing to act as an Emergency First Aider at Work. Employees will gain skills, knowledge and confidence to take charge of a first aid emergency.


IOSH Managing Safely

The course is designed as an introduction to effectively managing safety and health in the workplace. The ‘Managing Safely’ programme concentrates on training the manager or supervisor to apply sound management principles to safety and health issues as part of a total risk management strategy.

This course is also offered as a refresher.

Risk assessment

For managers and supervisors who are required to manage safety in compliance with company policy, and health and safety legislation and employees who need a practical understanding of risk assessment technique, this course includes practical exercises in general risk assessment as required by Regulation 3, Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

Workplace noise awareness training

This course ensures that employees are adequately trained in accordance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005. This training includes a simple explanation on the nature of sound, how it can cause damage to hearing, and how workplace noise can be controlled. Practical demonstrations of various types of hearing protection are also included.

Hand/Arm vibration awareness training

This course suits any employee who is exposed to significant levels of hand and arm vibration as well as those managing people working in this environment. The course ensures employees and supervisory staff are adequately trained in accordance with the relevant Regulations regarding workplace hand/arm vibration.

Machinery/work equipment safety awareness training

A basic overview of machinery and work equipment safety covering design, purchasing, installation and use. The course will provide an understanding of the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations, and an overview of the various types of British and European Standards. It will also help to ensure compliance with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

Fire safety management training

We can provide comprehensive, bespoke fire safety management training to cover specific client or site requirements, including temporary worksites and construction sites.

Accident management training

Rather than simply providing training in investigation techniques, this course is designed to help organisations to effectively manage and control accidents. This will assist in the effective defence against compensation claims, and prevent accidents recurring. Theories on accident causation are covered before detailing legal and internal reporting requirements, claims defence strategy and effective investigation techniques.

The course is suitable for managers, supervisors etc, who are legally obliged to report accidents and will be involved in subsequent investigation. Also recommended for personnel/human resources employees who may be required to process compensation claims.

Construction site safety awareness

A construction site safety awareness course aimed at those who work on site. This will enable delegates to understand what is required under the law, to be able to recognise hazards, and how to reduce the risk of injury. This will ensure that site safety is improved for the benefit of everyone.

Control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH)

This course offers an introduction to the COSHH Regulations.

Explaining how to identify hazardous substances, how to obtain the necessary information and how to carry out a COSHH assessment as required by these Regulations.

Asbestos safety awareness

An Asbestos Safety Awareness course aimed at those who may be required to identify, manage or work with asbestos. This will ensure legal compliance and minimise risk of harmful exposure.

Suitable for designers, surveyors, planners etc who may be required to assess the possibility of exposure to asbestos. Managers and supervisors responsible for controlling risks and implementing management plans. Also any employee whose work may expose them to asbestos.e

Working at height

Working at height training course that will enable delegates to assess the risks associated with working at height and identify control measures required, thus enabling full compliance with the law.

Manual handling

A manual handling course with a difference!! Rather than simply relying on ‘safe’ lifting techniques (which alone may not always be effective), this course will enable delegates to assess the manual handling risks and avoid the potential for injury, thus enabling full compliance with the law.

Office safety

This course identifies health and safety legislation relevant to office environments, hazards and risks associated with activities and highlights best working practice. The use of display screen equipment is an integral part of office activity. As a result a section of this course focuses on hazards, problems and controls associated with the activity.

Stress awareness and management

Our comprehensive training programme will ensure that all employees are able to recognise and control workplace and lifestyle situations which are likely to lead to long term psychological problems currently referred to as ‘stress’.

In House Courses

We also offer a number of courses in-house at your offices:

3 Day Managing Safely

 Up to 6 delegates*          £2,650 + VAT

Up to 10 delegates*       £3,100 + VAT

Up to 15 delegates*       £3,995 + VAT

*includes IOSH registration, manuals and certification

1 Day IOSH Leading Safely

Up to 10 delegates – £850 + VAT plus £50pp per certificate

1 Day IOSH Working Safely

Please enquire about pricing for this course.

Napthens Health and Safety is a trading name of ATG Health and Safety Consultants Limited.  ATG Health and Safety Consultants Limited is a limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered company number 5172986. It is a business providing Health and Safety consultancy which is not regulated by the SRA.


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