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Health and Safety

Napthens Health and Safety provides a full range of health and safety services from a team of specialists.

Health and safety advisor services

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require all businesses to appoint a Competent Person with sufficient qualifications and experience to advise them regarding health and safety. Businesses not large enough to need or want to pay for in house safety managers can fulfil this requirement via our ‘Competent Advisor’ service.

This service provides ongoing advisory and support which will enable you to achieve and maintain compliance and protect your employees and business interest.

Our ‘competent external health and safety advisor’ service is completely tailored to your needs and provides a total one stop solution for all your health and safety needs including:

  • A planned number of visits to your workplace to review your documentation and records and carry out a safety inspection. This will be followed up by a written report.
  • Telephone advice from a team of specialist consultants.
  • Advice on updating your documentation, records and registers in line with developments in either your business or health and safety legislation.
  • Liaison with your employers liability insurance brokers to update them on your health and safety progress/improvements.
  • Regular correspondence, newsletters etc to keep you updated on the latest developments in health and safety issues which may impact your business.
  • Napthens Health and Safety hold two seminar/workshops each year where topical health and safety issues are discussed – free to retained clients.
  • Preferential rates and priority bookings for a range of open health and safety training courses.
  • Liaison with the Enforcing Authority (e.g. HSE) on your behalf acting as your competent health and safety advisor.
Health and safety reviews

Our health and safety review assesses the effectiveness of your business safety management in line with HSE guidance.

The review is carried out in two stages. Firstly by reviewing a businesses current policies, procedures, records and documentation, in conjunction with personnel responsible for managing and co-ordinating health and safety documentation and arrangements. Secondly, we undertake a tour of the workplace in order to examine the physical conditions and potential hazards existing at the location in question.

Following the review, a detailed report is produced which will clearly identify strengths and weaknesses; compliance with legislation and best practice. The report will include recommendations and an action plan which will ensure that your business safety objectives are achieved.

Health and safety policies

The health and safety policy is probably the most important single document on health and safety your organisation has. So, it’s important that it is appropriate and merits time being spent on its preparation so as to ensure that it is of the highest possible standard.

Napthens Health and Safety will prepare a health and safety policy manual which is:-

  • Relevant
  • Credible
  • Achievable
  • Measurable
Risk assessment

Risk assessments are an assessment of your work activities, to identify what could cause harm to people, and what precautions you’ve put in place to prevent harm – or whether you need to do more.

By carrying out risk assessments and making sure you communicate the findings to your employees, you’ll be complying with the law.

While there are many consultants offering blank forms; we’ll complete the assessments by working with you and assisting in the implementation of control measures.

Napthens Health and Safety can assist your business in completing all your risk assessments from simple straight forward assessments, through to complex, high risk activities including:-

  • Fire
  • Manual handling
  • Machinery
  • Noise
  • Hand/Arm vibration
  • Hazardous substances (COSHH)
  • Transport
  • Work at height
Workplace noise assessment

Napthens health and safety consultants carry out comprehensive workplace noise risk assessments which will ensure that your business complies fully with the law and protects employees’ hearing from long term damage.

The service includes:-

  • Full and accurate measurement of workplace noise
  • Measurement of noise frequency to ensure the correct selection of personal hearing protection for employees
  • Calculation of employees personal daily exposure

Our consultants provide a comprehensive written report of their findings and calculations backed up by practical, cost effective recommendations for reducing the risk from harmful noise exposure.

Noise awareness training is also available including practical demonstrations in correct use of personal hearing protection.

Hand/arm vibration assessment and management

This specialist service ensures full compliance with the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, and your consultant can advise and assist in implementing beneficial and cost effective control measures to reduce exposure and protect employees from long term health effects.

This service includes:-

  • Full and accurate measurement and analysis of hand arm vibration produced during an actual working process or activity (far more accurate and meaningful then simply quoting manufacturer’s stated measurements for brand new equipment).
  • Calculation of employees daily exposure to levels and maximum use times for equipment or processes.
  • Assistance in implementing health surveillance programmes for employees.

Napthens Health and Safety also provides comprehensive practical advice regarding exposure risks and practical cost effective recommendations for modifying or adapting equipment or technique to reduce levels of vibration. All backed up by a comprehensive written report in an easy to understand user-friendly format.

Practical awareness training for employees is also available.

Machinery safety management

UK Regulations and European Standards lay down strict requirements to ensure that machinery is safe and that dangerous or moving parts are fully protected. Napthens Health and Safety consultants are highly experienced in carrying out compliance assessments on a wide range of machinery and work equipment to ensure that these rigorous standards are complied with.

The assessment covers:-

  • Failure modes and affect analysis
  • Identification and recognition of potential hazards where additional guarding or protection is required
  • Adequacy of existing guarding and safety devices to ensure that it is effective and up to standard
  • Advice and assistance in setting up an inspection and maintenance programme
  • We can also carry out any assessment of maintenance/inspection processes which involve high risk activities, and can prepare safe systems of work, permits to work and site/job specific assessments

Machinery safety awareness training is also available.

Fire safety management

All employers are now responsible for fully managing their own fire safety risks, and having a competent fire safety advisor in place. This service will fulfil these requirements for you.

The service provides:-

  • FIRE RISK ASSESSSMENT – in accordance with UK regulations and British Standards/Approved Guidance, our comprehensive fire risk assessment service will meet or exceed expectations of Fire & Rescue Authorities.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS – a summary of the main action points identified within the fire risk assessment will be clearly outlined in a prioritised manner.
  • ACTION PLAN – we will arrange on your behalf for remedial actions to be carried out, i.e. order fire safety products/liaise with suitably qualified contractors where necessary.
  • PREPARATION OF BESPOKE FIRE PRECAUTIONS/EMERGENCY PROCEDURES – to include maintenance checklists, inspection procedures and personal emergency evacuation procedures.
  • REVIEW SERVICE – regular review and update of the fire risk assessment and procedures to ensure that everything remains relevant and up to date.

Fire Safety Management Training is also available.

Environmental Management

Napthens Health and Safety offers a full environmental review and auditing service providing an independent report on whether your environmental management system is up to date, meeting legal compliance, and most importantly – effective for your business.

Napthens Health and Safety consultants can also provide a full range of environmental management consultancy services including:-

  • Environmental audit and review of your company. This will identify strengths and weaknesses and provide you with a structured action plan for improvement.
  • Preparation of an effective environmental policy manual, and guide you towards implementing it
  • An appropriate level of awareness training for your employees.
  • Guiding your company towards external accreditation against the internationally recognised Environmental Management System BS:EN 14000.

This will ensure you meet your environmental responsibilities, maximise resources, minimise your energy and waste, save money and run a sustainable environmentally efficient business!

Construction services

Napthens Health and Safety has extensive experience in providing health and safety support to the construction industry.

This range of services include:-

  • CDM Co-ordinator – as a registered member of the Association of Project Safety, Napthens Health and Safety provides a valuable service to those undertaking construction work (including demolition and refurbishment work). On appointment as CDM Co-ordinator we continue to work with you throughout the entire project, alongside providing practical health and safety support to contractors, and other duty holders involved in the project.
  • Principal Contractor Support – Napthens Health and Safety can assist a wide range of businesses involved in the construction industry. Support includes assistance in risk assessment and method statement preparation, training, site inspections and much more. Napthens Health and Safety consultants can be retained as a businesses safety advisor (competent person). This comprehensive support service is a much valued option, to which many contractors have subscribed to for many years.
  • Contractor Health and Safety Approval (CHAS) – Napthens Health and Safety can assist all types of contractors looking to seek approval of their Health and Safety Management System with their submission for CHAS, having been successful in supporting more than 100 companies over the years.
  • Site audits/inspections – Napthens Health and Safety has experienced consultants with many years involvement in the construction industry. Site inspections provide both clients and contractors with an invaluable compliance check on site conditions and activities. Full written reports and recommendations are provided following each inspection. Our consultants are also able to add on ‘tool box talks’ to site inspections, allowing employers and contractors to pass information on health and safety issues and good practice to all those involved in the project.
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment Fit Testing – Napthens Health and Safety carries out qualitative respiratory mask fit testing, providing a written report and individual fit test results. Test can be arranged on-site, at clients premises, or from our offices.
  • Training – Napthens Health and Safety offers a full range of construction related training from site safety awareness, asbestos awareness, work at height, manual handling and more.
Qualitative respiratory mask fitting testing

“Simply providing dust masks for your employees is not enough – you must ensure they offer suitable protection and fit correctly!”

In accordance with the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations and Control of Lead at Work Regulations, employers must have documented evidence that the Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) that they issue to employees has been correctly fitted. This is to ensure that RPE supplied is suitable and fit for purpose.

Napthens Health and Safety carry out a full fit testing service which will include:-

  • Identifying poorly maintained RPE.
  • Carrying out pre-use fit tests on all individuals.
  • An explanation of what fit testing entails and the limitations associated with the tests.
  • Advice on common problems and how to fix them during testing.
  • Interpret fit test results and give suitable recommendations.
  • Provide you with a written report and all individual fit test results, which will assist you in complying with the statutory requirements.
Stress risk management

A cost effective and stress free solution to the pressures of working life!

Stress has been recognised for some time as a major occupational hazard to which most employees will be vulnerable. The effects of stress related illness and absence may have a major effect on the financial wellbeing of an organisation.

Work related stress needs to be recognised as a potential occupational hazard in any organisation and as such should be considered in any risk assessment. A conventional ‘health and safety management’ based approach should be adopted when assessing psychological risks and considering control measures.

Napthens Health and Safety provides a comprehensive stress risk management service including-

  • A documented policy and procedure for ensuring that stress related problems are acknowledged, recognised, reported and managed effectively and sympathetically.
  • An ‘analysis’ of employment roles, processes and working environment to identify and reduce those conditions likely to cause long term stress related issues.
  • Individual employee assessments conducted independently and confidentially to identify ‘early warning’ signs of the onset of stress. This will ensure that problems are ironed out in the early stages.
  • Stress risk management training for Senior Managers – to enable responsible managers to recognise roles and tasks likely to cause stress.
  • Employee awareness training – to enable employees to recognise when they are likely to be exposed to potential problems; recognise the onset of symptoms in the early stages and take practical self help measures.
Legionella control

Napthens Health and Safety works with partners Archer & Stone Ltd to provide specialist legionella control services.

If you are you the duty holder responsible for your site(s), you are required to: –

  • Carry out a legionella risk assessment
  • Have a (written) scheme of controlling the risk
  • Appoint a responsible person and deputy
  • Get appropriate training
  • Keep records
  • Review regularly
Statutory plant examinations and testing

Napthens Health and Safety works closely with partners Inspection Network Ltd (INL) to provide specialist statutory examinations of cranes, lifts, lifting and handling equipment, pressure plant, presses and LEV systems. Additionally, INL inspect and test fixed Electrical Installations in accordance with British Standard 7671.

Fixed Electrical Installation Inspection & Testing

BS7671 (17th Edition IEE Regulations) clearly state that a Periodic Inspection and Test be carried out at specified regular intervals. These are normally 3 or 5 years dependent on the business however there are some exceptions that if necessary we would discuss with you at the time. Furthermore, the Electricity at Work Regulations state that all electrical installations be adequately maintained and your employees are provided with a safe place of work.

Statutory Plant Examinations

There are several health and safety regulations that apply to the periodic examination of work equipment, lifting equipment, pressure vessels and LEV systems including:-

  • Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER)
  • Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)
  • Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH)

Napthens Health and Safety also offers a range of health and safety training and e-learning workshops and packages.

Napthens Health and Safety is a trading name of ATG Health and Safety Consultants Limited.  ATG Health and Safety Consultants Limited is a limited company incorporated in England and Wales with registered company number 5172986. It is a business providing Health and Safety consultancy which is not regulated by the SRA.

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