Employment Tribunal Solicitors

Employment tribunal claims are both a source of cost and a significant reputational and operational concern for any business.  You need a legal adviser who can not only provide a “one-stop shop” for your tribunal needs, but who can also provide a constant point of contact, guidance on the case and a focus on not only dealing with the claim at hand, but also upon future-proofing your business so the same issue doesn’t arise twice.

At Napthens, our core focus is upon building strong relationships with our clients.  To do this, we continually focus on our clients’ needs in order to deliver a market leading service.

We are vastly experienced in tendering for legal work for a wide range of industry sectors including, the care sector, retail, agriculture, construction, recycling, charities and education.

Why place your trust in Napthens?

Many legal suppliers may be able to offer a tribunal claim service, but we suggest none will be able to guarantee you:

  1. Dedicated specialist – A dedicated specialist will be allocated to each claim, offering a cradle to grave service, including your contract dealing with advocacy and hearings
  2. Debriefing – You can expect to be debriefed at the conclusion of each tribunal claim to assess your internal processes and future proof your operation
  3. Free consultation – A 20 minute free initial consultation and health check
  4. Fixed fees – We offer a competitive fixed fee package to allow you certainty of cost in a notoriously uncertain process
  5. Added value – As part of our fixed fee package, upon receipt of instructions, we will provide a merits assessment, we will seek to advise you of your options at an early stage so that you can make an informed decision at no extra cost to you

How we deliver the effective and efficient defence of claims

  1. On boarding – we will:
    – Take a detailed brief of the case from you as soon as practicable
    – Deal with ACAS early conciliation, considering obligations
    – File documents promptly, on time, even in short turnaround deadlines
  2. A robust response – we will:
    – Ensure that you are fully covered in terms of arguments to use
    – Draft with flexibility to enable you to choose the type of approach to the case you need
    – File documents promptly, on time, even in short turnaround deadlines
  3. Preparing evidence – we will:
    – Meet with relevant witnesses to take a comprehensive account of their statements
    – Prepare a thorough account of their version of events so that the tribunal can clearly understand your case
  4. Final hearings and representation – we will:
    – Deal with all the aspects of the advocacy and trial document preparation
    – Alert your team in good time if they need to attend
    – Debrief you immediately upon a result and if payment is needed

For further information and a quote please use the button below and one of the team will be in touch.