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Where should my title deeds be registered?

When buying property to rent out,  it is important that the title deeds registered at the Land Registry contain the correct address of the owner, and not the address of the property being rented out. Failure to do so could mean that an incident could occur that affects your property and you would be none the wiser.

Consequently, unless you have a good tenant who forwards on all correspondence to you then important notices that affect your property and third parties interests or rights or claims may be registered without your knowledge or consent, for example:-

  1. If your property is leasehold and the freeholder alleges breach of covenant, the freeholder could obtain a decision from the tribunal that you have breached the covenant, and then obtain a possession order from the court for possession of your property.
  2. A person may claim adverse possession of the land relating to your title and the Land Registry will only serve at the address in the registered title. If you fail to respond within the necessary timescales the Land Registry could make the decision that the land be transferred to a third party.  Once the Land Registry has made such a decision it is extremely difficult to overturn. ‘Not receiving’ the documents will not be a valid excuse as to why you did not respond.

In the circumstances it is imperative that all Landlord’s addresses in their registered titles is updated frequently.