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Vaccine passports still a possibility

While it has been confirmed that vaccine passports have been ‘scrapped’ for the short-term, there is a possibility we could see them introduced as part of the Government’s ‘Plan B’ should the NHS come under pressure during the winter months.

The proposals suggest that a vaccine passport would then be required for entry to nightclubs, indoor settings with 500+ attendees likely to be close, outdoor settings with 4,000+ people likely to be close, and any setting with 10,000+ attendees such as sports and music stadia.

Vaccine passports are an issue that have created much discussion with reports of people claiming the passport is discriminatory and removes their free will, and some even avoiding getting double jabbed for precisely that reason.

Meanwhile, the Government argued that the vaccine passport will allow venues to stay open and stop the possibility of repeat closures as has been seen in the past.

In order to enter venues where the vaccine passport requirement is in place, a vaccine certificate, either using the NHS Covid Pass App, or a text/letter will have to be shown before entry. This will be another step and another document for operators to consider and check.

This approach has been widely criticised by the experts within the hospitality sector with them suggesting it “could cripple the industry”. The Vaccine Minister has stated the intention is to allow big venues to continue to trade and avoid winter closures, but the question is, will the partygoers turn up?

One thing is for certain, this is something that could change very quickly and operators need to be aware of the latest guidance and able to move quickly to put the necessary checks in place.

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