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Tips for a stress-free family Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and traditionally it is a time for families to come together. If parents are separated this can be difficult for children.  Here are a few tips to ensure a stress-free Christmas:

  • Make your arrangements early – you don’t want to be in court on Christmas Eve!
  • Don’t ask the children which parent they would like to spend Christmas with – that will put unwanted pressure upon those children.
  • Try and maintain the ‘status quo’ as much as possible to avoid disruption and confusion. For example, try to be together as a family to open presents on Christmas morning if things are amicable enough between you both.
  • Many parents alternate who has the children to stay over on Christmas Eve. Experience has shown that every family’s arrangements at Christmas are different. Make sure that your arrangements work for you and your family.
  • Although separation can be a distressing time, try and stay positive for the children.

We’re coming to the end of Family Dispute Resolution week which aimed to raise awareness of the alternatives to court in Family proceedings.   It is a really important message that keeping the separation process as amicable as possible can minimise impact upon the family.

Court proceedings are not always the answer and we encourage everyone to explore alternatives such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.

You may find our short videos on these topics of help.