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For serious injury take specialist advice

With talk of ‘ambulance chasers’ and the ‘claims culture’ accident lawyers can come in for a lot of criticism. But the reality of life for a lawyer dealing with serious accident claims is very different.

It’s important to remember that the people who get compensation as a result of an accident are those injured by the avoidable fault of another. Those responsible for the damage pay (in so far as it’s possible to put right the damage). This can have really positive effects on institutions such as the NHS.
Many of my clients need significant medical after-care as a result of serious injury. I regularly arrange for treatment to be provided to my clients privately, at the cost of the guilty party or their insurers, and without impact on scarce NHS resources.

I am currently arranging for physiotherapy and psychotherapy for accident victims that I act for. One of my clients suffers with chronic pain and I am arranging a Pain Management Programme for them. This will be paid for privately, saving the NHS between £5,000 and £10,000.

Over the years I have arranged numerous types of treatment for my clients, from bariatric surgery to limb amputation and prosthetic limbs. If a serious accident lawyer knows their job properly they can get treatment for the injured victim more quickly and at no cost to the public purse.

Thankfully, reality is often different to the headline. I have never chased an ambulance in my professional life! However, as a specialist serious injury lawyer I have saved the NHS many hundreds of thousand of pounds – and my clients much unnecessary waiting by ensuring that the person who caused the damage pays for it to be put right.