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A not so merry Christmas?

A recent poll carried out by Resolution, the body representing 6,500 family law professionals in England and Wales, shows that 40% of adults find Christmas very stressful.  It’s perhaps not surprising that in divorced/divorcing couples this rises to 47%.

With over half of all divorces taking place at a time when at least one child is under the age of 16, making arrangements for children over the Christmas period can be very stressful and may lead to arguments which inflame an already difficult relationship.

The situation at Christmas is often complicated by new partners and grandparents vying for time. The key is to try to reach agreement early but this is not always possible. Unfortunately, any arguments and hostility can affect the entire family – but most importantly the children.

It is vital that any unresolved issues are discussed, whether that be directly or through a mediator or solicitor as soon as possible. Often during the stresses and strains of a divorce it is easy for parents to lose sight of the fact that once the process is over they will still be mum and dad to their children.

Christmas stresses can bring unresolved issues to the fore and make it a miserable time for all involved if the problems are not recognised and dealt with at the earliest opportunity.