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Managing line manager mental health

We have been talking about mental health in the workplace for some time now and we know it is important for line managers to be trained and equipped to effectively manage employees wellbeing. How well can we say we have done this and is anyone looking out for the managers who we have put so much expectation on?

Setting expectations, so they understand their responsibilities when supporting their staff with health and wellbeing is essential to avoid a manager over burdening themselves with their teams very important and sometimes delicate concerns.

Here are some top tips to support your line managers with managing wellbeing in the workplace:

  1. Equip your managers with the tools they need to manage and provide necessary support
  • Ensure your wellbeing resources are accessible. Managers are key in signposting so it is vital they can access the resources you are providing.
  • Share relevant information with the management team such as absence hotspots so intervention can take place.
  • Upskill management team to have difficult conversations with their team where necessary.
  • Ensure your performance management process is fit for purpose. It is vital to have regular one to ones with employees as this is the ideal time to pick up on any issues they may be experiencing.
  1. Upskill your managers
  • Encourage your managers to have open and honest discussion with their staff.
  • Develop comprehensive line manager training that includes supporting staff with their health and wellbeing, including essential training on how to access policies and procedures to support staff.
  • Have mental wellbeing champions within the workplace who can assist line managers with necessary signposting.  Introduce a buddy system/forum for managers to provide mentoring and share experiences/good practice with each other.
  • Provide mental health awareness training for all staff.
  1. Lead the culture top down
  • Give line managers permission to know that they are not expected to know everything or do everything when it comes to health and wellbeing. Make sure they are aware of the resources and processes to support them.
  • Train your managers to be experts in signposting their staff to the support they need.
  • Don’t overload your line manager with health and wellbeing priorities – give them a short list of things they can do/should be aware of in order of priority (no more than three things).

At Napthens we support many clients with managing wellbeing in the workplace, if you are interested in further information on how People Projects can support you, please contact us.

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