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Lancashire’s over 60s couples not giving up

Recent figures from the Office of National Statistics show that divorce amongst the over sixties has almost doubled from the previous decade, with over 15,000 couples divorcing in this age group in 2011.

It is interesting to see that from our own experience while the trend shows an increase in divorce for this age group, the huge leap in numbers nationally is not mirrored in Lancashire so far.

At Napthens we regularly analyse the statistics for the divorces we handle, looking at factors like the ages of the people involved, the reasons given for divorce and how many children there are. The trend we are seeing is that the majority of couples divorcing are aged between 31 and 50 and have been married for less than ten years. In more than sixty per cent of separations over the past six months, it was the wife who filed for divorce.

However, with only a few instances of the over 60’s divorcing, it seems the so called ‘silver splitter’ trend has not reached the county of Lancashire. Reasons for this could be varied but perhaps it is as simple as our older generations in Lancashire do not give up easily on marriage