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Flooding – an ongoing problem

The heavy floods at the start of 2014 which affected homes in many parts of the country should make homebuyers more alert to the potential dangers of flooding.

Plans to ensure that flood insurance cover is available to all homeowners have still not been fully established. In the meantime, there is some uncertainty about the future of flood insurance.

All home buyers will now be encouraged to have a professional flood risk survey carried out, as well as checking whether a property has been affected by past flooding and if so, whether this will have any long term effect on the property.

It is worth noting that there can be a risk of flooding not only if you live near the sea or a river, but also through ground water flooding.

The Environment Agency provides a Flood Helpline for those in areas at risk of flooding and can give advice on how to protect your home.

An issue to consider is whether being in a flood risk area will make it more difficult for a homebuyer to obtain buildings insurance or whether it will impact on the premium payable for the policy.

Something to be aware of if you are planning to buy a property is that during the conveyancing process, for a small additional fee, we can instruct a Flood Risk Assessment Search. This will confirm if the property is affected by many different types of flooding including river, coastal, ground water, surface water and historical. The search will also confirm if the property is insurable.