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Flood warning for your new home

The winter weather is well and truly upon us and as a result, there are certain areas of the country that will be on high flood alert due to the heavy downpours.

However, it is important to remember that it is not only adverse weather conditions that can cause flooding issues.

Flooding can be caused by collapsed or obstructed drains or increased surface water, as a result of a new development. These can be more complicated and will require an expert eye to guide you to a practical and realistic solution.

It is important that anybody moving into a new home, either renting or buying, checks with the Environment Agency about the flood risk to their new home. The Environment Agency website also has practical tips above flooding and what to do in an emergency situation.

With more homes becoming flooded than before, it is imperative to obtain legal advice to ensure your rights are protected and any damage or loss is compensated as quickly as possible.   Whilst some may be covered by insurance, many are not.

By having the benefit of an experienced solicitor in such issues, you can rest assured you will be supported and have objective and quality advice whether you are bringing or defending a claim.