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Family courts overhaul will speed up process

There has been a lot of press coverage recently about the overhaul of the family court system resulting in the formation of a single family court.

A central judge will now be responsible for allocating cases to the most appropriate level of court, whether that be a Magistrate, a District Judge or the High Court. It is hoped this will mean that cases can be concluded more swiftly and dealt with without any undue delay.

There is also a new requirement that separating couples must at least explore the option of mediation as an alternative to court. The court is being viewed as very much the last resort for those seeking to resolve issues between them, whether in relation to children or divorce. Contact and Residence Orders have now been replaced with Child Arrangements Orders, which place much more emphasis on the children involved.

The new system aims to simplify and streamline the overstretched family courts, which if successful, can only be of benefit to everyone involved.