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Continuing care claims: deadline approaches

If you or a relative has paid for nursing care between April 2004 – March 2011 you should consider whether you were entitled to NHS Continuing Care Funding (NCCF).NCCF is a package of care paid for by the NHS. If your residence in a nursing home was primarily due to a health need, whether mental or physical, you may be eligible for NHS funding.

The criteria for funding are complex and the individual’s health needs must be assessed. The government has set a deadline of 30th September 2012 to request an assessment. You should contact the Primary Care Trust who was responsible for the funding at the time the nursing care was provided. You can contact NHS Direct to find out which Primary Care Trust was responsible.

The assessment is complex and you may need legal assistance if you wish to appeal the assessment or wish to check that the correct procedure for the assessment has been followed. If the assessment concludes you have incorrectly paid for nursing care then you will be due a full refund. This applies even if the person receiving the care has died.

Bear in mind, you can’t claim an assessment if you have previously been assessed. If you disagreed with that assessment then an appeal should have been lodged immediately.