David Hardman - Napthens Wealth Management

Make the right pension contribution decisions

David Hardman - November 16th 2015 no comments
A new tapered ‘annual allowance’ (the amount you can contribute to a pension) is being introduced from 6 April 2016 for individuals with income in excess of £150,000 (this includes pension contributions).
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Steph Kerr

To avoid disputes, choose Executors of your Will wisely

Stephanie Kerr - October 28th 2015 no comments
When making a Will, as well as considering which family members you would like to give a legacy to, you should also give careful thought to who you appoint as your Executor or Executors.
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Sarah Barnes

Buying a property? Getting a survey is YOUR responsibility

Sarah Barnes - October 22nd 2015 no comments
The recent case of Hardy and Griffith [2014] raised the question as to whether a buyer of a residential property is able to rely on representations made by the seller, about the physical condition of the property.
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Wills and Estate Planning - Trainee - Stephanie Marshall

Planning for your business continuity – Business LPAs

Stephanie Marshall - October 16th 2015 no comments
Whether you are a sole trader, a director or a shareholder with voting rights it is important to consider who would deal with your business affairs, should you become incapacitated or unable to do so.
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Sharon McDonald

My advice about legal advice? Don’t Google it!

Sharon McDonald - September 17th 2015 no comments
Living in a digital age means that information is quickly and easily accessible. Everything we could possibly need to know is allegedly at our fingertips, as long as we have a mobile phone, tablet or some other amazing gadget in our hands.
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David Hardman - Napthens Wealth Management

Make time to review your pension death benefits

David Hardman - September 9th 2015 no comments
Following the changes to pension death benefits in April 2015, these new rules mean that clients pension pots can now be considered as a vehicle to pass on wealth down through the generations.
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