Nicole Chrisham - solicitor - Residential Property

The hidden fees of leasehold properties

Nicole Chrisham - September 30th 2016 no comments
Buying a property can be a stressful and expensive process. As buyers, you will not want to receive any nasty surprises in the form of hidden or additional fees you had not budgeted for.
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Lisa McLachlan

What happens if I break up with someone I was co-habiting with?

Lisa McLachlan - September 23rd 2016 no comments
The number of cohabiting couples in the UK continue to increase and yet they do not have the same rights as married couples and this is something that not all couples are aware of.
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Funding a comfortable retirement

David Hardman - September 2nd 2016 no comments
Enjoying the kind of lifestyle you want in later life requires planning. “Will I be able to afford the retirement lifestyle I want?” is a question that many people ask but struggle to figure out. There are many ways to assess your likely income in retirement and work out how much you need to put away now to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want in later life.
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Nicola Turner - solicitor - Litigation - Contested Probate - Napthens solicitors

‘Adequately providing’ for partners after death

Nicola Turner - August 26th 2016 no comments
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Nicole Chrisham - solicitor - Residential Property

How do I safeguard my property from fraud?

Nicole Chrisham - August 4th 2016 no comments
The ability to access all information in relation to any property in today’s times is increasingly convenient and accessible via the Land Registry. This has however opened a can of worms – property fraud.
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Why is a clean break settlement important?

Kim Busby - July 8th 2016 no comments
A clean break settlement means that those involved in the divorce will have no financial ties once it has been agreed or ruled upon by a Court. If one party’s financial situation was to improve dramatically, the other party would not be able to claim retrospectively, regardless of how much time has elapsed since the divorce.
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