Stephanie Kerr solicitor Preston

Make sure your estate is in safe hands

Stephanie Kerr - March 6th 2017 no comments
The solicitors dealing with the estate of the late David Bowie have appealed for any unknown children to come forward as they try to determine how his estate is to be distributed.
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Should I consider a shared ownership property?

Sarah Barnes - February 2nd 2017 no comments
What is shared ownership? Shared ownership offers you the chance to purchase a share of your home. As a buyer, you can purchase a stake in your property, usually between 25 to 75%. The housing association owns the remainder. You will then pay rent to the association on the share you don’t own.
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Kim Busby, Family Law Executive

Mother banned from naming her child ‘Cyanide’

Kim Busby - January 26th 2017 no comments
As we see more traditional names no longer being chosen by parents for their children, we are seeing a change to the trends in the popularity of certain names.
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Kim Busby, Family Law Executive

How can we agree on who the children spend Christmas with?

Kim Busby - December 16th 2016 no comments
Christmas, school holidays and special occasions can be particularly difficult for separated parents. Whether you are thinking of separating, are already separated, divorced or remarried, it can often be difficult to agree arrangements in relation to the children spending time with both sides of their family.
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What do I need to know about ISAs?

David Hardman - December 5th 2016 no comments
You can contribute up to £15,240 to an ISA in the 2016/17 tax year. Cash that you withdraw from a flexible ISA can be replaced during the same tax year without counting towards your annual ISA allowance, which is known as ‘ISA flexibility’.
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Flood warning for your new home

Helen Clutterbuck - November 29th 2016 no comments
The winter weather is well and truly upon us and as a result, there are certain areas of the country that will be on high flood alert due to the heavy downpours.
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