John Hunter - Napthens Solicitors

Guide to restrictive covenants

John Hunter - July 23rd 2015 no comments
You may be interested in, or in the process of, purchasing a property which is affected by restrictive covenants. Covenants can affect your current and future use of a property.
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Family and divorce - head of Family and Divorce - Simon Gledhill

Spousal Maintenance – Whose side are you on?

Simon Gledhill - July 10th 2015 no comments
The Court of Appeal recently told an ex-wife to “get a job” and that she had no right to be supported for life by her ex-husband.
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Wills and probate - head of Wills and Probate - Kathryn Harwood

How can I make the move to a care home easier for a loved one?

Kathryn Harwood - July 3rd 2015 no comments
One of the most difficult decisions to make is acknowledging that one is no longer able to manage at home and needs to move into residential care.
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Pamela Richmond

Buying a brand new property?

Pamela Richmond - June 4th 2015 no comments
Buying a new property off plan can be an exciting proposition. However, before you sign the reservation form, read these top 10 tips.
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Litigation - Solicitor - Stephanie Kerr

Contestation warning on DIY wills

Stephanie Kerr - May 21st 2015 no comments
Figures recently released by the High Court show that in 2013 there was a 76% increase in inheritance disputes from those heard by the Court in the previous year.
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Family and Divorce solicitor Preston Simon Gledhill

No blame divorce?

Simon Gledhill - May 7th 2015 no comments
Under new proposals a senior Judge has called for change in the law to enable couples to divorce without the need for blame and recrimination.
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